KillSwitch introduces a Gift Set Auction for our real fans which includes various merchandise with unique designs. In addition, you will be receiving a free NFT number on each t-shirt as well. Which means that the more people join in, the more gift items you get.
To start the auction, firstly, log-in through your Mobile wallet or (eg: trust wallet, safepal or Metamask) desktop/laptop (eg: Chrome with Metamask) (make sure your set up BSC chain)
Secondly, find and select your prefered shirt number/designed
How to Bid: 1) Place your starting price; the bidding price starts at 10 BUSD. If your shirt had been bidded by someone before hand, you need to outbid the current bidding price. If you're outbid, your BUSD will be returned to your wallet and the transaction will show on this page.
2) Once you’ve placed a bid, the next person is going to wait for 5 mins to bid again to prevent a last minute auction. In case the bidding drags on to the last minute, the ending time will be extended but not more than 1 hour. This will help end the auction process and will help people bid the popular number. 3) After the auction is over, you can redeem your reward according to TBVL (total bidding value lock)
The unselected t-shirt number(s) will be returned to the developer account and process of auction will be ended within 3 days.
Last modified 4mo ago
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