Mixture V.2
Mixture is an awakening version of One-Click Stake and Withdraw All. The supplemental feature was created to unlock all limitations of One-Click Stake and Withdraw All in terms of input & output providing transparency.


    Any tokens or LP token are allowed - Users are allowed to pick any coin or token or LP token and not limited to just BNB, BUSD or the token of the chosen pool. Eliminating time wasted on swapping token.
    Best Router Swap - Once given input and chosen the pool, the system will automatically find the best router and report back the estimated receive and minimum receive immediately which subsequently will prevent any front run from happening.
    User-Friendly Design - A new design to solve all the confusing issues of new farmers to provide them with seamless experiences. For old farmers, we provide a 'Slippage Adjustment' feature that you can adjust as you desired.
Last modified 4d ago
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