REI Chain



As a single validator node, decision making is made almost instantly as fast as in 1 second.

Low gas fee

One of REI’s special traits: affordability and uniquely low gas fee due to the adoption of a private blockchain.


REI chain uses Quorum that is forked and derived from Ethereum that improves performance, security at all times and fast transaction due to being a single validator node.


REI chain is a semi-private blockchain that includes several traits of a private blockchain such as the contents of the transaction are not exposed to not-privy members.

Storage friendly

REI chain is a self-sovereign blockchain, it does not mint blocks without transactions, making transactions fast and allowing effective long term storage.

Conducive to development

REI technology is EVM compatible- a native cross-chain communication program that allows developers to create smart contracts easily and REI developer team will monitor and report issues back to your team to support the project running seamlessly.