REI Chain


Connecting the Synthetic world to all

REI Chain

REI Chain is a Centralized blockchain optimized by GoQuorum, an Etheruem-based distributed ledger protocol, which has evolved from Private to Semi-Private Blockchain with Raft Consensus.
REI Chain is optimized by implementing GoQuorum. Quorum is an Ethereum-based distributed ledger protocol (Geth) and enhanced within several protocol levels to support business needs from blockchain technology. It has evolved from private blockchain to show out the strengths which are speed of finalised immediately, low gas fee, high security with low storage for developer because it won’t mint blocks if there are no transactions.


REI Chain is a foundation for the creation of a “synthetic world” that connects a decentralized world into everyday lives with ease.


The creation of an Infrastructure Services Provider to support the “synthetic world”.


Q1-2/ 2022 Update REI Chain Whitepaper V2* Expand REI Coin Utilities to the physical world Scale and Partner use cases with Thai corporates
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