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What is KillSwitch?

KillSwitch is a smart cross-chain yield aggregator targeting to increase convenience and security for all yield farmers on BSC, KCC, Aurora, Polygon, Solana and Arbitium chains. With promising features such as the “auto-compound” , “Mixture” and their latest release the “Take Profit/Stop Loss”, ensure that users are free to "unstake", withdraw Liquidity Position from their funds or sell their high-risk assets effortlessly, and securely. Through a set of sophisticated and precisely coded set of smart contracts, KillSwitch promises that our users will be able to maximize their assets with their assets automatically and effectively from a number of pools available providing bigger opportunities over manually farming.
Other than this, also possesses a bridge that connects users to 6 chains ( as of Q 2, 2022 ). Solving supply shortages for everyone, check out at
or go to "What is Northbridge" page
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