also includes facts about "Compound for everyone"
A feature where KillSwitch intends other users to reinvest farmed tokens leveraging the initial LP tokens.
This can be done in 2 ways
  • Automatically by KillSwitch - This happens once every 24hours, in cases where no Guardians of galaxies press "compound for everyone.
  • By OTHER USERS - is a term referring to anyone clicking “Compound for everyone”. Other users are rewarded 1.2% of the whole reward pool, in return, pays for gas. This button will only be allowed to press once the system considers the gas price to be worth the reward.
Performance Fee: 3 % form reward
  • Users who clicks "compound for all" earns 1.2%
  • Platform Fee 0.9%
  • Reward to KSW Farmers 0.9%
Now let’s dive in a little deeper.
Step 1: Check the pending compound value
Tips: For the gas fee to be worthwhile, the pending compound must be 10% higher than user earned, so do be very careful!