KSW locker is the action of locking KSW tokens within a given period of time to receive higher rewards.
The given period is usually up to 3 months ( means that users can lock for 1 or 2 or 3 months).
The rewards given out will be KSW tokens($KSW), the rewards will depend on the period of “locking”.
The rewards from the locker are from the buyback process by KillSwitch. The APR is calculated by the amount of buyback in each round multiplied by 12, then divided by the number of farmers of each pool. Which these lockers will only be available 4 times each year as follows:
Round 1: 1–7 Jan 2022 => 3 months unlock at 7 Apr 2022 (Reward are from buyback KSW Oct-Dec 2021)
Round 2: 7-14 Apr 2022 => 3 months unlock at 7 July 2022 (Reward are from buyback KSW Jan-Mar 2022)
Round 3: 7-14 Jul 2022 => 3 months unlock at 7 Oct 2022 (Reward are from buyback KSW Apr-Jun 2022)
Round 4: 7-14 Oct 2022 => 3 months unlock at 7 Jan 2023 (Reward are from buyback KSW Jul-Sep 2022)


*Once you’ve locked your assets, you will not be able to withdraw or deposit further until the end of the round.
*Users are allowed to claim both the initial $KSW deposited and rewards after the period are over.
Step1: go to and select “Lock KSW” in the navigation tab
Step2: Once clicked, users will be navigated to the Lock Stake KSW page on Kururu. Then put in your desired amount to “lock”
Step3: Once inputted the desired amount, click approve KSW and Deposit