JellopyTokens are like receipts, you will receive jellopyKSW tokens from depositing $KSW into the KillSwitch pool. As a pool generates profit, the number of JellopyTokens in your wallet remains the same while the initial invested token increases.
If users want to withdraw, users will need this receipt (JellopyTokens) which users will hand in to redeem the deposited tokens and yield. This is why it is essential to hold on tightly to those JellopyTokens which means that users should deposit receipts and don't sell or exchange them to strangers otherwise users will lose possession of staked assets in the vault.
Likewise, if you already have Jellopy in your pool, you can stake to get rewards without additional investments. Likewise for withdrawing liquidity, users must unstake in the respective "boost" pool, which can be done anything.
Last modified 19d ago
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