KSW Tokenomics
KillSwitch token is the native token of
KillSwitch Token
Chain : Binance Smart chain (BEP-20)
Ticker Symbol : KSW
Contract Address : 0x270178366a592bA598C2e9d2971DA65f7bAa7C86
Chain : Ethereum (ERC-20)
Ticker Symbol : KSW
Contract Address : 0x7162469321ae5880F077D250B626F3271b21b903
Max Supply: 200,000,000 KSW

Token sale

54,000,000 KillSwitch utilities token is avaliable for sale to global investors excluding USA, UK, CANADA and CHINESE also excludes certain jurisdictions (See details). Through the following sales round:

Seed Fund 10% : 20,000,000 KSW SOLDOUT

Seed fund round has been allocation to HNW, Strategic Investors who can helped KillSwitch grow.
The allocation of Seed fund round is about 10% of total max supply which is equivalent to 20,000,000 KSW. The tokens were sold at 0.085 USD/KSW (can use BUSD, USDT, BTCB, ETH with the same value) and 20% of the tokens will be unlocked every month at the time of emission rate of token has been launched (Staking Rewards).

Private Sale 7% : 14,000,000 KSW SOLDOUT

The Private sale round has been allocated to a private group of international investors, friends, and supporters/fanclub who followed us since an event of scb10x blockathon.
There is an allocation of 7% of the total max supply or 14,000,000 KSW for a Private Sale round. The tokens were sold at the price of 0.1 USD/KSW (can only be BUSD and USDT) and 20% of lock tokens will be released every month at the time of emission rate of the token has been launched (Staking Rewards).

Public Sale 10% : 20,000,000 KSW

10% of the total max supply, 20,000,000 KSW is allocated for public sale which will be available for ILO at and price will be 0.25 USD/KSW and no lock.


  • Token will be listed for exchange AMM at with foodcourt boosted (4x) for 2 weeks.
  • Killswitch will be participate Community Farm Auction at pancakeswap to be listed for 1 weeks to earn cake.
  • If tokens are not sold out ksw will lock tokens for 3-6 months and will reserves for institute, OTC or Burn in future.
  • Initial Token price on any amm dex will be 0.3$ per KSW

KillSwitch Team

Community is the core of KillSwitch. We are determined to allocate the token appropriately for the KillSwitch main team and shadow team, and build a community. 38% of total max supply is reserved for various purposes that are team expense, advisors, marketing, and reserve funds.

Founder Token 10% : 20,000,000 KSW

10% of the Founder Token will be allocated for Founders. These tokens will be given to all of the team who has been working since day 1 when there was no pay. These tokens will be allocated equally to all each year.

Team 10% : 20,000,000 KSW

0.833% of the Team will be allocated to the employees salary as well as their bonuses for each month.
1st year will be suspend or TVL 100m goal has been reached.

Advisor 3%: 6,000,000 KSW

These Tokens are reserved in case in need of advisors such as :Technical , Legal , Account , Management , etc. With the cost that the founder deemed appropriate which will not exceed 20% or 1,200,000KSW per year

Marketing 5% : 10,000,000 KSW

Reserved for marketing purposes or partnership to expand the customer base which will not exceed 20% or 2,000,000KSW per year.

Reserve 10% : 20,000,000 KSW

Reserved for future strategic expenses. These include listing fees, audits, third-party services, liquidity for partnerships, etc.

KillSwitch Ecosystems

32% of total max supply is allocated for building a sustainable KillSwitch ecosystem. These tokens will be used for the community.

Exchange Liquidity Allocation: 4,000,000 KSW or 20% of total public sale token amount

100% of initial lp (liquidity allocation) will be lock until end of DEC 2022 (1 year++) and ksw team will decided later how we gonna deal with an initial lp.

Airdrop: 1,000,000 KSW

Staking Rewards: 64,000,000 KSW

Reward Distribution (32% of the total supply will be distribute within 3-5 years)

Phase 1 - Initial Seed

Emission Rate: 0.5 KSW / Sec (on BSC)
*Duration: 30 days (1 nov 2021 - 1 dec 2021)
(Due to inflation control, We still have more 33 days for boosting emission in future)
Phase 1.1 - Deflation Control (Announcement on 22 Nov 2021 @Official telegram)
Emission Rate: 0.25 KSW / Sec (on BSC)
*Duration: 30 days (1 dec 2021 - 1 jan 2022)

Phase 2 - Normalized Emissions

Emission Rate: 0.33 KSW / Sec (on BSC)
*Duration: 1000 days
**Disclaimer : KSW Emission rate is subject to change due to deflation and inflation controls. Any changes made will be announced 7-days in advance through KillSwitch's official Telegram and Twitter channels
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