Deposit Mixture

Deposit any token/lp in ONE CLICK!
A feature where users can swap, provide liquidity and stake any desired token or LP available on KillSwitch Platform in one click.
Once given input and chosen the pool, the system will automatically find the best router and report back the estimated receive and minimum receive immediately which subsequently will prevent any "front run" from happening.
Pretty self-explanatory, no fuss of swapping, providing LP or Stake. Let’s go through it step-by-step together.

How to ( Step-by-step) :

Step1: Click “Connect wallet” on the top right-hand corner ( *requires Metamask wallet or trust wallet)
Step2: Choose the preferred “Pool” to farm from. You can filter pools from platforms or assets as you desire
Step3: Choose any Token or LP available on KillSwitch platform
Step4: Click “Approve” to allow the token into the pool
Step5: Input your desired amount of token to the farm then click “Approve and Deposit”
P.S. Don’t be shocked if you see the gas fee is high because that is the act of swap- deposit -stake transaction all happening at once.