Earn more with KillSwitch partners
The "boost" feature allows users to enjoy higher rewards from our partners' farms so our yield farmers can get higher returns compared to the initial pool.
Hence, the name "boost" more wanting our users to get a BOOST or the highest APY!
If you've already deposited in a boosted pool, you will see how many LPs you have provided in that liquidity pool on KillSwitch. These LPs are known as "Jellopy" tokens.

How do I see my earned tokens?

Go to the "boost" menu and look for the deposited Jellopy tokens, it will show how many rewards you received. Which users can claim at any time.

How long will the Boosted vault last?

This depends on the deal we've made with our partners.
Generally, the higher the rewards we receive is, the longer the boosted vault lasts.
Users can still withdraw even after the boosted vault has ended without any consequences.

How to Boost?

**Please note that to access a "Boost" pool, you need to deposit first !!
Step1: Go to "Boost" section in the menu tab, once you staked in the boosted vault.
Example of Boosted vault
Step2: Stake ‘Jellopy’ by putting the amount of Jellopy and clicking "Stake"
Read the next page to learn what "Jellopy" is...
KillSwitch Boost :