How to Participate ?

How you can participate in KillSwitch

As a user, you can participate in KillSwitch finance in three different ways:
By becoming any of these roles:
1.Yield farmer
2.Guardian of the Galaxy
3.Space sweepers


Yield farmer : As a farmer, you can earn lp-yield by choosing a farm on KillSwitch and add you money (BUSD, BNB, or an lp on destination farm) to deposit.
Guardian of the Galaxy (Re-investor) : As a guardian of the galaxy , you can call the compound function to sell all yield farmed tokens in KillSwitch portfolio , and reinvest into the yield farming pool, earning 1.2% of the total reward in the process!
Space sweepers (TP/SL Master) : Space sweepers are able to earn 0.4 % of the position value for kill positions at Take profit or Stop loss.
Last modified 2mo ago