How to use KillSwitch

One-Click Stake

pretty self-explanatory, no fuss of swapping, providing LP or Stake. In case you are a newbie, let’s take a deeper look into the details.
Step1: Click “Connect wallet” on the top right-hand corner ( *requires Metamask wallet or trust wallet)
Step2: Choose the preferred “Pool” to farm from. You can filter pools from platforms or assets as you desire.
Step3 Choose your “Token”, you can choose from LP, BNB or BUSD depending on the token available in your wallet
Step4: Click “Approve” to allow the token into the pool
Step5: Input your desired amount of token to the farm then click “Deposit”
If you click “Deposit All”, all of the tokens in your wallet will be staked.
P.S. Don’t be shocked if you see the gas fee is high because that is the act of
swap — deposit -stake transaction all happening at once.
Step6: Once deposited the desired amount, you can withdraw it anytime

Kill position (Withdraw All)

Next up, we have the “Kill Position” feature, we guarantee that you’ll be hooked instantly. How so? Do you ask? Well, instead of having to go through the hassle; of unstaking, withdrawing and swapping tokens, not to mention approving it too, we do it all in one action! Yes, ONE! Let’s take a look at the steps.
Step1: Choose the token to withdraw
Step2: Input desired amount to withdraw then click “Withdraw” or if you want to withdraw all you can also do so by simply clicking “Withdraw All”.
Step3… Just Kidding, there is no step3! You’ve already completed the transaction in JUST ONE SIMPLE ACTION! Now you can withdraw shitcoins before anyone even realizes.

Auto Compound

Last but not least, the “Auto Compound”. This feature allows others to assist you in clicking “Compound” for you who is farming the entire pool. Which in return the assistant will receive 1.2% of the whole reward. Now let’s dive in a little deeper.
Step1: Check the pending compound value
Tips: For the gas fee to be worthwhile, the pending compound must exceed $100, so do be very careful!
Now you know how easy and convenient it is to farm with KillSwitch and not to mention the ever-growing number of farms soon that KillSwitch will provide. So if you farmers want a convenient, fast and assured life, go ahead and check out KillSwitch Yield Aggregator Version.1!
Last modified 2mo ago